Disk usage analysis 2.1.26

Disk usage analysis 2.1.26



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Modern computers are huge systems including thousand and ten thousands of elements. The structure of this system is not also simple and our often irrational usage makes it practically impossible for analyzes. But not for Directory Size OCo a new disk usage analyzer from Moleskinsoft allowing to analyze disk space of any complexity.At all complexity of problems which the program face the disk usage analyzer doesnOCOt differ considerable complexity. On the contrary it is the very compact program consisting of four connected windows called visually to present the information on your disk usage: the structure of folders and files, their sizes and many other things. To learn how disk usage analysis is spent weOCOll consider the disk usage analyzer work more in detail.In top left window of Directory Size you can choose any directory (or disk) for the analysis. If for example you are interested in the structure of TzVideoT¬ folder choose it with the help of TzScan folderT¬ on the disk. In this window it is possible to receive primary representation about the directory - tree of the folders included into the learned directory.The second, top left window is the most important one in the program. In it you can receive the basic information for the sake of which Directory Size was created. In particular you can learn what files and folders enter into the learned directory, their size, the share of the rate of the learned folder, the amount of folders and files included in the folders, etc. The additional means will let you filter and sort data according to your interests.The bottom left window is intended for visual representation of the information from the previous window. Bars and pies visually show how the disk space in this or that folder or directory is distributed. The last window, bottom right one, will be quite good introduction on the disk usage - on the disk sizes and free space.

Systems: Windows

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